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Ram Prasad (Kick Shaam) and Lakshman, aka Lucky, (Allu Arjun) are brothers and pole opposites. While the former is an honorable and driven Assistant Commissioner of Police, the latter is a happy-go-lucky guy who is constantly at odds with his brother. Criminal turned politician Maddali Shiva Reddy (Ravi Kishan) and his goons hold a squad of police officers at gunpoint, and force Officer Rajeev (Rajiv Kanakala) to kill his commanding officer, ACP Sameer, to save the lives of the rest of the officers. Ram is motivated to prevent Shiva Reddy’s participation in the upcoming elections.

Lucky falls for Spandana (Shruti Haasan), daughter of the wealthy Bheem Prakash (Prakash Raj). After meeting Lucky on a regular basis, she reciprocates his love. Ram comes to know of Lucky’s relationship and tells Prakash that Lucky is lazy and good for nothing as retribution for a previous prank, and Prakash tells Lucky he cannot marry his daughter. Lucky confronts Ram, and they start fighting. When Lucky doesn’t stop, he’s slapped by his mother for the first time in his life. Emotionally shaken and angry at his brother, he steals Ram’s Jeep, in which Ram was transporting files that incriminated Shiva Reddy in numerous crimes. Lucky is then attacked by Shiva Reddy’s men, and the Jeep goes up in flames along with the files. Lucky beats up the goons, who then reveal they meant to kill Ram and dispose of the files on orders from Shiva Reddy. Lucky becomes infuriated and abducts Shiva Reddy from his nomination parade. He lets Shiva Reddy live since Ram was not killed, but severely wounds him and leaves him hanging from a tree.

After recovering and being elected a Member of Legislative Council, Shiva Reddy starts to take revenge on Lucky and his family. After hiring people to publicly shame Ram with false stories and get him suspended from the police force, Shiva Reddy pulls strings and has the government demolish the family’s house, claiming that it was illegally built. Ram is then informed that it was Lucky that stole his Jeep. Lucky admits to his mistake but says that Ram would’ve been killed if Lucky hadn’t stolen the Jeep. Ram retorts that Lucky wasn’t trying to save his life, and kicks Lucky out of the family after berating him for what his mistake has cost them.

Lucky is abducted by Shiva Reddy, who brutally beats him and leaves him hanging from the same tree Lucky hung him from. Lucky escapes and plans to take revenge on Shiva Reddy with the help of Home Minister Govardhan (Posani Krishna Murali), who owes Lucky for his promotion from MLA. Lucky fools Govardhan by staging a hospital room where he seems to be dying and a fake doctor claims he has one day to live. Govardhan says he will grant any wish Lucky asks, and Lucky requests to be instated as a special police officer and that Govardhan do a solitary 12-hour prayer so that there might be a chance of his survival. His requests are reluctantly accepted, and, for one day, he is put in charge of a team of frustrated police officers headed by Kill Bill Pandey (Brahmanandam).

Lucky first arrests Ram, knowing that his brother would prevent him from bringing justice to Shiva Reddy illegally. When meeting with Shiva Reddy’s auditor, Lucky learns of a few of Shiva Reddy’s factories and raids them. When Shiva Reddy calls Lucky’s special forces team to berate them, they claim ignorance and Lucky sends Pandey to Shiva Reddy in person to get a list of his factories under the pretense that they’ll know which factories to not raid. Using the list and the media, the special forces team invades and exposes Shiva Reddy’s illegal operations. Govardhan’s prayer finishes and after the Chief Minister (Sayaji Shinde) tells him of his mistake and scolds him, he releases and reinstates Ram. Lucky fights and defeats Shiva Reddy, but after he cuffs him, Ram appears and cuffs Lucky. Govardhan and the Chief Minister want to publicly hang Lucky for illegally arresting a government official and humiliating them, but Ram tells them that people wouldn’t take well to killing the man who exposed Shiva Reddy as a criminal. He turns on the TV and shows them that the media believes that Govardhan and the CM orchestrated the successful one-day operation to take down Shiva Reddy and that the public plan on re-electing them because of their heroics. Govardhan and the CM are satisfied with the golden opportunity they’ve received, but Lucky, threatening to reveal the truth to the media, blackmails them into also installing his special forces team full-time with Pandey as its leader and giving independent powers to sincere police officers like Ram. Realizing Shiva Reddy has been listening to them, they let him run free out into the street, where he is shot and killed by Rajeev. Lucky steps down as a special officer with his involvement not known to the media, and Pandey speaks to the media as Lucky reunites with his family.

Allu Arjun as Lakshman Prasad alias Lucky, a carefree man who wants to settle in America and frequently argues with his brother Ram.
Shruti Hassan as Spandana Prakash (Bhavna in Hindi version), Lucky’s lover, an emotionless girl who becomes expressive when she meets and falls in love with Lucky.
Shaam as Assistant Commissioner Ram Prasad, Lucky’s elder brother and a sincere and honorable cop who always does things by the book.
Bramhanandam as Inspector Kill Bill Pandey, a frustrated and skilled special police officer.
Ravi Kishan as Heavy Industries Minister Maddali Shiva Reddy (Madhav Shiva Reddy in Hindi Version, Bellary Shiva Reddy in Malayalam version), who was a rowdy before becoming a crooked minister.
Prakash Raj as Bheem Prakash, Spandana’s millionaire father.
Saloni as Shweta, Ram’s love interest who broke up with him because of Lucky’s mischief, and years later marries Ram after Lucky reconciles them.
Pragathi as Spandana’s mother.
Tanikella Bharani as Lucky and Ram’s father
Pavitra Lokesh as Lucky and Ram’s mother
Ali as Dr. Bali MBBS, a fake doctor who helps Ram reunite with Shweta and helps Lucky con Govardhan.
Kota Srinivasa Rao as Hanumayya, Civil Supplies Minister and Coalition Party Leader.
M. S. Narayana as Tea Shop Owner. Lucky considers him as an uncle.
Posani Krishna Murali as Home Minister Govardhan. He owes his promotion to Lucky, who made it seem like Govardhan saved a boy who was hit by a car.
Jaya Prakash Reddy as Inspector General J. P.
Mukesh Rishi as Peddi Reddy, Shiva Reddy’s father
Srinivasa Reddy as Lucky’s friend
Thagubothu Ramesh as Lucky’s friend
Rajiv Kanakala as Rajeev, a cop who was forced to kill his commanding officer lest his entire squad be killed.
Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao as Ram’s colleague’s father
Duvvasi Mohan as Konda, Ram’s friend and police officer
Raghu Babu as Thief
Narsing Yadav
Meena as Ram’s colleague’s wife
Apoorva as J. P.’s wife
Shravan as Shiva Reddy’s henchman
Sudheer as Spandana’s car driver
Raghava as Hotel Manager
Venu as Drunkard
Sandeepti as Keerti
Kishore Das
Raghu Karumanchi as Peddi Reddy’s henchman
Kyra Dutt in the item number

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