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This story runs in the times of 2013 at United Andrapradesh. Mangallam Survesh Kumar aka Survam (Srinivas Reddy) from Karimnagar is preparing for state PSC exams for the past 10 years, along with his college Bumchum Yadagiri (Rahul Ramakrishna). Survesh is shy and naive, he believes strongly in astrology and follows Pithani (Jeeva), a famous astrologer. According to his fortune, he changes his name to Survamangallam. He decides to stay at a grave yard in one night to get his PSC job. He is selected for an interview in Hyderabad; when attending the interview, he sees a woman in the market. In the office he got an interview, and calls before Pitha’s decided time.

He got selected and tells to Pitha, who tells him the woman he had seen in the marketplace is a lucky charm for him. He is posted to Kakinada office, which is completely unknown to him. he stays at one of his old friend’s home as a caretaker; according to Pitha’s instruction he arranges his office cabin, home and everything as religious, and became a buffoon in front of his colleagues. He aims get transferred to his hometown, then he meets Adapa (Krishna Bhagvan). His reporting officer asks for help to get the transfer, then he introduces JC (Ravi varma), an IAS cadre officer who is a womanizer.

JC puts a condition that to use his home as a private space for his sexual needs; Survam accepts his condition for the sake of the transfer. Survam sees again the same woman who he saw in Hyderabad; after enquiry he finds her name is Rani (Poorna) and she is a temporary worker in a e-seva office located besides his office. He gets her date of birth certificate with the help of Tathkal (Praveen), a mediator or broker of bribery at government office, for matching his horoscope with hers. After matching horoscopes perfectly, he decides to woo her for his well fortune.

Rani is a working middle-class woman who does not believe in astrology. She also dislikes her job and wants to own a nursery. She applies a government land for her business in Survam’s office. Survam makes friendship with her, but he faces a competitor called Kantha Rao (Sree vishnu) ‘Kanth’ is another government employee who works in Roads and Buildings. Kanth is a very handsome guy, smart, and has a nice sense of humour. Survam is average-looking guy, naive and very shy. After some comical circumstances he fears to lose her; he decides to make some change to himself and decided to get a new bike. He bought a second hand bullet from a local second hand bike sellar with a Rs.40000 loan from Thatkal, which turns out to be a waste piece and he again becomes a fool in front of Kanth and Rani. He gets a chance to woo Rani again when Kanth goes camping.

Rani and Survam become close friends. Survam finds that Kanth is coming back from the camp and decides to propose her at her favourite restaurant. Rani stands him up; she is in love with JC, who has also proposed to her and she accepts his proposal. After that day onwards Survam observing her change of behaviour whenever they meet. After that he arranges a surprise party to Rani on her birthday at Rani’s residence with the help of Tatkal. suddenly he noticed a picture of Rani when she was one year old the date of birth was mentioned in the photo which is different from the certificate. Her father says that he gave a fake date of birth of Rani for her joining in a prestigious school. The mistake had happened in earlier the tensed Survam send the rectified details of Rani to pitha. After waiting of several burning hours pitha instructs to leave Rani because the horoscope didn’t match with his. He also says that she will become an unluck to him when they unite. Feared Survam tried to maintain distance from her but his inner sole instructing to not lose Rani.

JC calls Survam to his cabin and give a dictation to him, in the dictation the details are mentioned about Rani, which gets Survam shocked and get tensed about her. JC instructs Survam to leave his house; Rani calls him to postpone the program she is giving her birthday treat to Survam and his friends. He gets suspicious about Rani and wants to confirm her true identity. Meanwhile, JC’s real character becomes known to Rani through her friend. But Rani does not believe in that and decides to go on a date with him. In Survam’s home, JC’s behaviour becomes abnormal, which makes her uncomfortable. Meanwhile, after watching Rani with JC, Survam is struggling with his inner sole to stop her and save her from JC by himself and finally he decides to save her. He calls to JC and lies that there is a gas leakage problem in the house. JC goes to the kitchen to check the problem; Survam unlocks the door and Rani nearly runs away to her home safely. Survam’s inner sole makes him realise that he has good thinking and courage to do good but he did not have self-confidence and self-belief on him. He becomes confident and decides to face the world with his new approach.

Meanwhile, Survam’s transfer order comes to the bench of JC. He puts a hold on the file for his selfish purpose. Survam’s approach is completely changed which gets shocked by his colleagues then he starts paying back those who cheated him. He sold his waste bullet to the mechanic from whom he bought it for Rs.40,000, making a huge profit with the help of Tatkal and his friends. He makes Rani confident after the incident with JC. After that he creates a comical circumstance and tricks Kantha Rao, and breaks his bike handle to impress Rani.

Meanwhile, Adapa starts an affair with a female colleague in the office; while in the bed, he becomes impotent. It is leaked in the office and the gossip becomes a headache to Adapa. JC holds Rani’s files through Adapa. He suggest to Rani to leave her aim. Survam successfully steals the files of Rani and approves it through the collector office. She starts preparation for her nursery works. Her brother arranges a match to her which fulfills her requirements but she realises she loves Survam and decides to propose him on the opening of her nursery.

Meanwhile, JC returns from the camp and notices Rani’s files, which has been signed by collector and becomes angry at Adapa. He again proposes to Rani as a changed man but this time she does not fall on his tricks and rejects him. He finds out from Adapa that Survam is getting close with Rani; he offers Survam his transfer and warns him to leave Rani. Survam challenges JC he will gets his transfer through him and warns him to leave Rani.

On the same night at Adapa’s home. JC sets up his private space then Survam and his gang interrupts him tried to make it public. On fear of losing grip on the situation, he signs Survam’s transfer document.

Angered, JC makes deal with Tatkal to divide Survam and Rani. Tatkal double-crosses Survam, meets Rani and tells him the truth. Rani avoids Survam and agrees to her family’s match. At the wedding, the bridegroom Ranjit (Mirchi Hemanth) turns out to be Pitha’s follower. Pitha also comes to the wedding and recognises Rani shares about Survam as his follower. She understands Survam’s past weakness in believing astrology. Survam’s neighbour tells her the truth then she regrets her misunderstanding about Survam. Information has passed through Yadgiri to Survam; (Yadgiri also comes to take guidance for his government job; initially, Survam makes him confident and started giving him guidance).

Survam makes a deal with Tatkal to stop the marriage but it is interrupted by the head priest (Posani Krishna murali) to settle a score with Tatkal for sanctioning the permission to construct a new house. Tatkal trails goes into veins because of head priest. Survam recognises the head priest and calls him. Survam helps the head priest to get government permission to reconstruct his house. Remembering his promise to do good to him, he arranges to poison Ranjit, who becomes unconscious and the marriage is cancelled due to the unconscious bridegroom.

while at the last day of service, Survam ditches Tatkal, remembering JC’s deal. Survam shows the sting video of JC to a women who is with him when the Survam interrupted JC forcing her to sleep with him. Actually that’s a trap by Survam, he gives it to media and becomes a hero in his office. Later he goes to Karimnagar then Rani’s nursery decides to shift to Karimnagar and Survam and Rani happily married. Finally Yadgiri got selected for the interview this time, Adapa has changed his behaviour,Tatkal didn’t and wouldn’t change he continues his dirty business.

Srinivasa Reddy as Mangalam Survesh Kumar aka Sarvamangalam “Sarvam”
Poorna as Rani
Krishnudu as Rani’s brother
Sree Vishnu as Kantha Rao
Posani Krishna Murali as Panthulu
Ravi Varma as JC, Sarvam’s boss
Krishna Bhagavaan as Adapa
Praveen as Tatkal
Krishnam Raju (Jogi Raju)
Jogi Naidu
Jeeva as Pitha Baba
Rahul Ramakrishna as Yadagiri
Thagubothu Ramesh as Sachin
Raghu Karumanchi as Bolt
Prabhas Srinu
Rajendra Pinnamaraju
Dubbing Janaki
Mirchi Hemanth as Ranjit

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