Jambalakidi Pamba full movie


Ramalakshmi (Aamani) is the daughter of Kota. She is deeply disturbed by the problems faced by all the women in their colony while their husbands happily enjoy playing cards and dominating their wives. Whenever she gets angry about the plight of a woman, she receives a mysterious letter which appears from nowhere and she tears them up in distress without reading them.

On one such occasion, she reads the letter fully. In that letter, somebody asks her to come to an isolated place near Borra caves, Vizag. She reaches that place and finds Amba, a yogin who lost all her relatives because of the male dominated society. To take revenge on the society, she did penance for many years and prepared a herb. She asks her disciple Chidambarananda Swami (Kallu Chidambaram) to hand over the herb, Jamba Lakidi Pamba to her and asks her to mix that in the drinking water to see its effect.

The next morning, an I.G. of the police along with some other officers who visited Vizag start behaving weird. Then the police suspect that something mysterious happened in Vizag and block all the traffic to Vizag. A police officer (Naresh) is sent there to investigate the reason for the same. He visits Vizag and finds that all men are behaving like women and vice versa. At the same time, Thutala Rani (Jayalalita), a bandit who want to exploit the situation in Vizag and moves there along with her followers.

Once Naresh meets Ramalakshmi on a beach and she is surprised that he is still behaving like a man. He finds that Ramalakshmi hates male domination. She also asks him if he did not drink water on the 24th. He becomes suspicious of Ramalakshmi. Then he goes to a Police station and finds Nagulu (Babu Mohan), an S.I. who is also behaving normally. He explains that after he had gone out of Vizag on 23rd and returned on 25th, everything in Vizag got changed. Naresh confirms that something happened on the 24th which caused this situation, and Ramalakshmi might be one of the persons behind it.

Ramalakshmi also finds that Naresh is a police officer who came there for investigation. She wants to make him drink the same herb, but she is tricked by Naresh by acting like a woman and marries her. On their first night, Naresh reveals his trick to Ramalakshmi and asks her to reveal the secret behind the strange behavior of the people in the city. In a scuffle between them, she was pushed away and accidentally goes into a coma. Before she becomes normal, Naresh and Nagulu enact a drama to trick her that she has gone into the future (year 2092) and make her reveal the secret about Jamba Lakidi Pamba.

Naresh and Nagulu set out to meet Amba and find only her disciple Chidambarananda there. He tells them that she died and he was the one who gave the herb to Ramalakshmi. He also reveals that he found the antidote called Pamba Lakidi Jamba and accidentally mixed it with Jamba Lakidi Pamba. Because of that, the people become mad in five stages. He also explains that he has a final antidote called Pamba Jamba Lamba Lakidi. But before they take it from him, he is kidnapped by Thutala Rani with the help of Ramalakshmi. When they try to trace him, they find that people have reached the second stage in which kids behave like elders and vice versa. When Naresh explains all this to Ramalakshmi, she realizes her mistake and helps Naresh to find out the antidote. While they try to trace Thutala Rani, the third phase also arrives. They found the dressing style, and the voices of all the people have changed. When all the people become mad, they chase them to the den of Thutala Rani, where they find Chidambarananda and make him prepare the antidote. They fight with Thutala Rani and finally mix it in the water and spray them on all the people and everything becomes normal.


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