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Kadamban is a native of an isolated tribe in the Kadamban Forest, Tamil Nadu. The area is known for its wildlife and an immense amount of limestone. This brings the attention of the Mahendran Brothers, who own a large cement factory. They then attempt to get the not easily convinced tribe out of the forest. Radhi is in love with Kadamban and attempts continuously to win his heart to the displeasure of her brother, who has a rivalry with Kadamban.

Arya as Kadamban
Catherine Tresa as Radhi
Deepraj Rana as Mahendran
Super Subbarayan as Moopa
Madhusudhan Rao as Basil Raju
Amruth Kalam as Muthu
Aadukalam Murugadoss
Y. Gee. Mahendra
Madhuvanti Arun
Usha Elizabeth as Radhi’s mother
DMJ Rajasimhan as Radhi’s brother
Ethiraj as Ranger Karuna
Kadhal Saravanan as Mahendran’s assistant
Dr. Sabu Issac as Doctor
Madurai Saroja

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