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M. K. Das (Nani), a M. S. holder, joins Medimax, a corporate hospital in Hyderabad, as one of the surgeons designated to work in the mortuary. Four days later, he attends a patient whose medication was prescribed by Dr. Bharadwaj, his senior. Noticing improper medication, Das asks for change in prescription without prior approval from Bharadwaj. Though the patient recovers, Bharadwaj fires Das from the job on the grounds of unprofessional behaviour. With no option left, Das starts a clinic in his locality at the dilapidated Shantabhai Memorial Charity Hospital.

On a parallel note, the police are searching for Deva, a crime boss whose identity is unknown. Deva returns to Hyderabad after the death of his mentor Dada, who was killed by his rival David. Dada’s son Ajay helped David in the murder and earns Deva’s ire. One day, Deva is injured in a shootout between his gang and the police, and escapes from the scene hiding his identity successfully. He enters Shantabhai Memorial Charity Hospital, where Das treats him and removes the bullet. Das later realises that his patient is a crime boss, but chooses not to reveal his identity to avoid breach of trust.

Deva is impressed with Das’ honesty and naivety, and befriends him, calling him “Gold” (mocking the gold medal he won for being a University topper in M. S.). He and his men renovate the clinic, and the inflow of patients increases. As Das gets busy as a practising surgeon, he is equally baffled by the number of gangsters and criminals surrounding him on a daily basis. He also falls in love with Pooja, unaware that she is an undercover police officer working on Deva’s case. Deva, meanwhile, reveals that he had feelings for Jahnvi, a journalist, which were never communicated.

As Das makes attempts to bring Deva and Jahnvi together (by posing him as a CBI officer), Deva finds himself more “humanised”. Pooja, in an attempt to arrest Deva, asks Das to bring him to a meet at a restaurant for dinner. As Pooja waits there along with the police, Deva learns Ajay’s whereabouts and murders him as Das watches. Das questions Deva’s lack of humanity and leaves, rejoining Medimax after promising to organise a successful organ donation camp. With Deva’s help, the organ donation camp turns successful, which brings a change in Bharadwaj’s opinion on Das.

Deva is left heartbroken due to the rift caused in his friendship and meets a child at a party, who is aware of his identity. The child asks Deva a favour: to scare death as he is dying soon due to blood cancer. Deva arranges for his treatment, but the child dies. With Deva’s help, the organ donation camp at Medimax turns successful, which brings a change in Bharadwaj’s opinion on Das.

The child’s death depresses Deva, who calls Jahnavi to arrange a live telecast. He reveals his identity as the crime boss for whom the police is searching, and credits Das for the change in him. However, he receives a call from David, who kidnapped Das, and asks him to meet in private for one last time. Deva goes to David’s place and the police follow them. In the shootout that ensues, Deva is fatally injured.

Das, with the help of Bharadwaj and two other surgeons, fakes Deva’s death. The film ends with Deva and Das enjoying a holiday on a cruise along with Jahnavi and Pooja, recalling the previous happenings.

Principal cast
Nagarjuna Akkineni as Deva
Nani as Dr. M. K. Das
Rashmika Mandanna as Inspector Pooja
Aakanksha Singh as Reporter Jahnavi
Supporting cast
Sarathkumar as Dada, Deva’s foster father (guest appearance)
Kunal Kapoor as David
Naveen Chandra as Ajay, Dada’s son
Naresh as Mohan, Das’s brother
Satya Krishnan as Das’s sister-in-law
Murali Sharma as Police Officer Sharma
Rao Ramesh as Dr. Bharadwaj
Vennela Kishore as Dr. Kuchipudi, a psychiatrist
Srinivas Avasarala as Rajan, Deva’s personal assistant
Manobala as Tata, Pooja’s assistant
Aishwarya as Fishfry Lakshmi
Sivannarayana Naripeddi as Pooja’s father
Prabhakar as Deva’s henchman
Prudhviraj as Jahnavi’s manager
Raghu Karumanchi as Local Rowdy
Prabhas Sreenu as Seenu, David’s henchmen
Sameer as Doctor
Uttej as Raju, Seetharamayya’s driver
Sathya as Jacket, Das’s clinic compounder
Sampoornesh Babu as Actor (cameo appearance)
S. P. Balasubrahmanyam as Medimax Hospital Chairman Seetharamayya (cameo appearance)

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