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Arundhati is a beautiful heavenly princess and the great-great-granddaughter of the Raja of Gadwal, Mahasamsthan. Arrangements are being made for her wonderful marriage. The sweet Arundhati is the first female to be born since her great-grandmother and is especially revered in the family. She then goes to Gadwal where her grandfather resides, to visit him. Her grandfather, the head of the family, talks to her with respect as if she were older than him. She receives a misleading phone call in her fiancĂ© Rahul’s voice asking her to come to the fort of Gadwal, where she faces a horrible revelation. Learning the story from an aged servant maid named Chandramma, Arundhati comes to know that she is a doppelgänger of her great-grandmother Arundhati/Jejjamma.

Jejjama is an expert in painting, dancing, and martial arts. Her elder sister is married to her cousin Pasupathi. Pasupathi, a womanizer, rapes the women he likes and kills those who object. While Jejjama was still a young girl, he raped and killed her blind dance teacher while a horrified Jejjama watched through the peephole. Jejjama, furious, demands that he be killed, but the King tells her that this would ruin her sister’s life. Hearing this, Jejjama’s sister commits suicide to save her family reputation. The people of Gadwal furiously thrash Pasupathi and tie him to his horse. Though Gadwal celebrates his death, he is saved by Aghoras (saints who practice the dark arts). Pasupathi masters the Tantric arts and returns to Gadwal many years later to exact his revenge. He unleashes carnage as he uses his powers to torture innocent people, something that the Aghoras do not do.

Meanwhile, Jejjamma has grown up to be a gorgeous and brave woman and is set to be married. Pasupathi arrives on Jejjama’s marriage day and magically starts removing her clothes, but Jejjama lures him away into a room. She performs a special dance imbued with martial arts to lull Pasupathi. She then cuts off his tongue (thus ending the incantations) and pins his hands, allowing a chandelier to fall on his body. She spares him from being killed to prevent him from becoming a ‘pretatma’ (a demonic poltergeist). Pasupathi is buried alive in a tomb, and powerful ‘yantras’ (defensive spells) are put on it to prevent him from coming out. Though Pasupathi’s corpse is buried, he uses his powers from his tomb around Gadwal to destroy peoples’ lives by causing famine and diseases.

Jejjamma then visits many temples and sages for the solution, but no one is able to solve the problem. She finally meets some Aghoras, who tell her that she can only destroy Pasupathi’s vengeful spirit in her next birth. Hence to initiate her reincarnation, she agrees to give up her life. They instruct her to bid goodbye to everyone before the sacrifice. Before leaving, she tells everyone that the first girl who will be born in their family will be a replica of her, having born with her face, and they all ought to respect the child as they respect her. She then returns to the Aghoras, asking for a painful death as the torture that she undergoes in the process of being sacrificed magnifies her revenge on Pasupathi. She then dies a painful death by getting coconuts broken on her head. Later, her body is burnt on the stake and skeletonized for obtaining skull remains, ashes and other accessories which are then fashioned into a dagger, the one weapon that could destroy Pasupathi forever.

Unfortunately, a mad person unknowingly breaks the tomb and releases Pasupathi’s spirit – ‘pretatma’. Anwar, who treats patients through sorcery, asks her to fight Pasupathi. Arundhati comes to know that her great-grandmother had prepared a ‘weapon’ with her own bones and had kept it with the sages. During their attempts to procure the weapon, their family is threatened, and she loses Chandramma. Later, the spirit seems to have killed Anwar by throwing him off a cliff.

Arundhati, believing that Anwar is dead, returns to the fort to surrender herself to Pasupathi to prevent the death of her family members. However, Anwar, who had survived the fall, hands the weapon to the courageous Arundhati after many painful trials. The weapon has to be soaked in Arundhathi’s blood before it can be used to kill the evil spirit. Before Anwar can tell her this, Pasupathi unfortunately kills him. As a last resort to save herself, Arundhati tries to kill herself with the same weapon, but the dagger begins to glow from her blood as an indication that her great-grandmother Jejjamma had come. She kills Pasupathi, and the building sets fire and blasts. Arundhati is then shown walking out of the place as Jejjamma.

Anushka Shetty as Arundhathi and Jejamma (dual role)
Sonu Sood as Pasupathi (main antagonist)
Arjan Bajwa as Rahul
Sayaji Shinde as Anwar
Manorama as Chandramma
Kaikala Satyanarayana as Bhupathi Raja
Bhanu Chander as Arundhati’s father
Subhashini as Pasupathi’s mother
Ahuti Prasad
Chalapathi Rao
Bhel Prasad as Nilendra Varma (Bhupathi Raja’s brother)
Leena Siddu as Dance Teacher
Anita Raichurkar
Siva Parvati
Meena Kumari
Divya Nagesh as Young Arundhati

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